39,90 €

Long life the overalls dungarees! Comfortable and warm, to wear with a shirt or with a wool turtleneck.Wear it with a sneaker, you'll be sporty but feminine.

29,00 €

Sleeveless dress with zip at the back.composition: wool + polyester

39,00 €

This sleeveless dress will be perfect for the most important occasions of your day, from the interview with the new company or the meeting with the historical customer. The sleeveless makes it...

37,50 € 125,00 €

Play wearing it with a shirt, or a top.For the office or for the afternoon out with the friend, with style and appeal.

32,00 € 160,00 €

 Add a 70's touch to your wardrobe!The panta palazzo is perfect for every situation of the day, to any type of size, from skinny to curvy! 

19,00 €

If you love comfort but also love the femininity of the skirt, this is the right garment for you! Its wide trousers, covered with a paneled skirt effect, is perfect with a men's cut shirt for an...

59,00 € 295,00 €

Play with the multicolored fringes of the Marshall coat, available in various variations will be perfect to make a cool outfit even with a simple skinny jeans!

15,00 €

College inspiration for this short-sleeved top,  you can use it in mid-season or combined with an underlying shirt with an immediate layered effect. The fabric is very special: it is a coated...

20,00 €

Contemporary romance with this white shirt with a feminine line. The cotton popeline design with collar is conspicuously finished with wavy ruffles around the corset and on the cuffs of the...

20,00 €

The model in white or light blue captures the attention to the contrasting robe caneté ribbon. Perfect for any occasion, combined with a skirt or trousers, perfect for those who wear a more curvy...

20,00 €

Ironic and baby, the Marshall shirt. The white or blue pattern captures the attention with the 3/4 sleeves and the multicolor fringe to the square collar. Perfect with a skinny jeans or if you want...

28,50 € 95,00 €

Simple, refined, timeless. Three unmistakable qualities of the Square skirt. The flared line lends itself to various combinations: you can put it with knee boots, ankle boots or even sneakers, with...

25,00 €

They are among our bestsellers ever: warm, comfortable, stretchy. To get dressed both during the first cold and in late winter, this palazzo woolen panta palace will never disappoint you. Thanks to...

61,00 € 122,00 €

Like a precious jewel , let yourself be conquered by the particularity of the asymmetrical model: the deep neckline and the one-shoulder make it a garment  both sensual and practical, capable of...

58,50 € 195,00 €

The elegant Karol jumpsuit comes to life for a truly memorable evening style. With the addition of a clutch you will be ready for every social evening.Long evening suit, with flared trousers, long...

46,50 € 155,00 €

From the aperitif with your friends  to the birthday party of your BFF until the night at the disco, the Kasya dress can be worn on various occasions for your most important evenings.

44,10 € 147,00 €

Wear it for romantic dinners, or some important appointment.The Tessa dress is simple and feminine at the same time: the lace sleeve and the cut out effect on the shoulders will give that unique...

33,90 € 113,00 €

Sofy pant will fit perfectly your shape thanks to the elastic fabric. Its high waist and its shape will make you look thinner, even more if worn with a décolleté. The davantino creates a velvet...

33,90 € 113,00 €

The Sofy skirt is the classic model of timeless flared skirt: flared with a pleat background on the front. Its high waistand its A shape will be good for both curvy and thinner. The davantino...

33,90 € 113,00 €

Spanish inspiration for Sevilla Pant: worn it with a shirt, a sweatshirt or a t-shirt will make you ready with a few accessories. Just a sneaker to wear it during the day, a décolleté to wear it in...

34,50 € 115,00 €

Who says that elegance and comfort cannot coexist?Military inspirations for the Boston pant, defined by a red and purple  band. Wide fit, with a belt gathered at the waist, made even more...

44,80 € 112,00 €

The Asia tweed skirt is perfect in every moment of the day. The model is characterized by the playful interlocking of lamé and not threads, which define its silhouette, and for the silvered buttons...

52,00 € 130,00 €

The Asia tweed sleeveless dress is a perfect garment for the different situations of your days, especially of a certain importance. The model is characterized by the playful interlocking of lamé...

47,10 € 157,00 €

Perfect for the office, the new Prince of Wales trousers with flared leg line at the bottom. Woven in a particular texture of white, gray and black wales inspiration, they are perfect with silk...

33,00 € 110,00 €

Elevate the usual white shirt with a couture taste with the Diana model. The white Candore and the charming maxi-rouche around the décolletté lend themselves to combinations on trapeze skirts or...

52,50 € 175,00 €

 Off Duty for a day?This is the perfect outfit for you. The Diana dress plays down the idea of ​​the dress and of the Prince of Wales fabric with a sporty fleece silhouette: straight line and hood...

29,10 € 97,00 €

Let yourself be tempted by this viscose knit: gently decorated on the sleeves with purple and red stripes. Its sporty tone is broken by the lurex fabric and the bows on the sleeves.

46,00 € 115,00 €

The lurex will enchant you with its elegance and sprint: viscose knit with crew neck and long sleeves, made far less boring by the rouche on the front and on the sleeves. A garment that enhances...

32,10 € 107,00 €

Even the streetwear has lurex reflections: the Spark Sporty tee is made of viscose jersey, the new t-shirt is made unmistakable by the abundant fit and the use of elastic rib at the neck and...

36,00 € 120,00 €

Casual luxury for the Boston mini sweatshirt, Packaged with a slightly oversized raglan-like fit and styled cords adorned with shimmering needlepins. Perfect on jeans miniskirts and stocking

47,10 € 157,00 €

Casual luxury for the mélange gray cotton sweatshirt with faux leather details and lace on sleeves and collar. Packaged with an oversize fit with a candlelit shoulders and a maxi hood, it becomes a...

133,20 € 333,00 €

The elegance of the faux fur details matches the wide and oversized silhouette in the new wool and cashmere blend coat. The cut is short above the knee, with applied side pockets and pointed...

128,80 € 322,00 €

The Amber coat boasts an oversized silhouette with a shawl collar, closed by a single tone-on-tone automatic. Embroidery with oriental flower refers to the Japanese world. The inevitable outerwear...

10,00 €

Have you ever thought that a look could depend on a simple accessory?The detachable collar is a clear example of how an outfit can be played down and made ironic with a simple detail.

59,00 €

Various nuances for the synthetic fur coat. Warm and soft, it is made comfortable with the fluid satin lining. An effective choice for the day and for the evening that will combine animal-friendly...

27,00 € 135,00 €

The sleeveless dress with amphora shape to match with shirts will surprise you for its variations, just combine it with a sweater or a sweatshirt to completely change the look.

39,20 € 112,00 €

The Asia tweed skirt is perfect in every moment of the day. The model is characterized by the playful interlocking of lamé and not threads, which define its silhouette, and for the silvered buttons...

95,40 € 159,00 €

The Loto dress combines elegance and light-heartedness, a young and fresh look that harmonizes Japanese style and fantasy characters.

77,40 € 129,00 €

Vintage yes, but also tech!if this is your life motto, then the easy polo will be perfect to mix in your outfit.

70,80 € 118,00 €

Comfortable over feminine thanks to the details in transparency in lace.Perfect to combine with longuette sparkles

35,20 € 88,00 €

A top full of romance, from the floral motifs to the fresh rouche in poplin at the waist, match it with her skirt for a perfect look.

34,00 € 85,00 €

The passpartout skirt, perfect for any occasion, with a white t-shirt and a sneaker.Versatile and fresh, really for every age.

50,00 € 125,00 €

Elegance, practicality, comfort.If in your style you can not do without these three combinations, the easy dress is perfect for your needs.

50,00 € 125,00 €

Elegance, practicality, comfort.If in your style you can not do without these three combinations, the easy dress is perfect for your needs.

46,00 € 115,00 €

Are you a lover of the full skirt?Better still if fresh and asymmetrical?Then you can not give up the floral skirt Koralia, available in two different prints.

38,70 € 129,00 €

Particularity, freshness and efficiency.His bows at the neckline will make you go back to the 50s.

36,00 € 120,00 €

You do not want to give up that extra touch, eccentric that distinguishes you?The chic polo is the right garment for you.Its metallic net fabric will make you unusual and original.

47,40 € 158,00 €

Sexy, minimal, chic and jaunty.Its transparencies I see I can not see and its elegance, played down by the piqué fabric, will make you truly unique.

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