Dear Customer, the present general conditions (henceforth the "General Conditions") govern the sale of products on the website (henceforth, also the "Site") between the selling company, Eleonora Azzolina ( henceforth also the "Seller") and customers who buy products on the Site. The information contained in the purchase proposal form is an integral part of these General Conditions. By transmitting this form, the user confirms that he is aware of and accepts the General Conditions and the additional information contained on the site, including the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy regarding online purchases. We therefore recommend that you pay the utmost attention. The purchase of products or services on sites other than the Site, even if accessible through hyperlinks on the Site, will not be governed by these General Conditions.

1.1 The purchase of products for sale on the Site is reserved for individuals over 18 years of age under Italian law (+18) and who intend to purchase products for sale for purposes unrelated to their professional activity as final consumers.

2.1 By filling out the order form and sending it to the Seller following the instructions available online, you will propose to the Seller the purchase of the products covered by the order, under the conditions set out in the order and in these General Conditions.

2.2 The contract will however be concluded only with the confirmation of the acceptance of the order by the Seller.

2.3 To proceed correctly with the purchase, we invite you to follow the following procedure: i) Read carefully these General Conditions called up through the appropriate link. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions contained in these General Conditions, we therefore invite you not to forward any order to the Seller, ii) To allow you to carefully weigh your purchase decision, the order form contains a summary of all relevant information regarding: the identity of the Seller; to the essential characteristics of the ordered products; at the final sale price, inclusive of all taxes and duties, and related payment methods; the costs and methods of delivery; to the conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal and the times and methods of delivery or withdrawal of the products in case I exercised the recesso.iii) Fill in carefully all the fields indicated as mandatory in the order form; in case of errors, you can still correct or modify the data entered until the order is placed.

2.4 The Seller reserves the right not to accept orders received in the following cases: i) the order comes from a person other than those referred to in the previous art. 1), ii) the order is not complete or has been filled in incorrectly, iii) the shipping address shown in the order is not located in one of the countries reached by the Seller or if it is located in a country other than that of the site also through which the order was forwarded; oiv) the ordered products are no longer available; in this case we will inform you of the non-acceptance of the order as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days starting from the day following that of sending the order by you. The Seller also reserves the right not to process future transactions with customers who have proved unreliable when receiving products.

2.5 The languages ​​used for the conclusion of the contract are Italian and English.

2.6 Once the purchase is completed, we will send you an email with a summary of all the information already specified in the order form: the Vendor's details, essential characteristics of the products ordered, price including all taxes and charges, expenses and methods of delivery.

2.7 In any case, the orders received and the relevant General Conditions will be stored electronically by the Seller for the purposes of the correct execution of the contract and in any case within the terms established by law; you can always check the status of your orders by accessing the appropriate section on the site.

3.1 Through the Website it is possible to purchase only products characterized by our quality standard.

3.2 The essential characteristics of the products are detailed in each product sheet. Keep in mind, however, that the images and colors represented may appear different from the real ones for reasons related to the navigation browser used or to the monitor of your device. It is understood that in these cases any discrepancies found can not be understood as a lack of conformity of the product ordered.

3.3 For any information on the quality or characteristics of our products, the Seller's customer service is always at your disposal. You can always contact him at the addresses specified in the following article 8.

3.4 If you are a consumer, the guarantees provided for in Articles 129, 130 and 132 of the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005, hereinafter the "Consumer Code") apply to the sale through the Website. You will therefore be entitled to the restoration, without charge, of the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement, or, in the event that such remedies are not practicable or found to be too expensive compared to others, to an appropriate reduction of price or termination of the contract. However, you will forfeit these rights if you do not report the lack of conformity within 14 days.

4.1 The prices of the products offered for sale on the Site are subject to change; we therefore recommend that you carefully check the actual sales price shown on the order form together with other relevant information on the products to be purchased.

4.2 For the payment of the price you can choose one of the different methods indicated on the order form. VAT, taxes and applicable taxes are already included in the price for the countries in which it is intended.

4.4 In case of payment by credit / debit card, the amount indicated in the order form will be debited only at the time of delivery of the products to the carrier (details on delivery times and methods are specified in article 5 below) ).

4.5 It is important for us to guarantee the security of online transactions made by Consumers for the purchase of products offered for sale on the Website; for this reason the data related to your credit / debit card (serial number, expiry date, security code) will be sent automatically and via secure protocol to the bank in charge of providing the remote payment services, taking care to prevent any unauthorized or unauthorized access by third parties. We also reserve the right to block the order or shipment in case of suspicious transactions. Should this occur, we will contact you to ensure the regularity of the transaction and to proceed with the transaction. In case of activation of this safety procedure, the delivery date of the ordered products may be higher than the originally scheduled one.

5.1 The ordered products will be considered delivered when the customer acquires material availability or control.

5.2 To this end, with the submission of the order you agree to grant us the mandate for the conclusion, on your behalf, of the contract of transport concerning the delivery of the products ordered at the address indicated by you.

5.3 If the delivery of the goods to the carrier becomes impossible, even temporarily, due to the unavailability of the products ordered or for other causes, we will notify you without delay, and in any case within 30 days starting from the day following that of transmission of your order. In these cases, of course, we will not charge you any amount and proceed to immediate repayment.

5.4 The final delivery terms to the place indicated by you are approximately estimated in 1-2 working days for the delivery in Italy 5-7 days for shipping in Europe. Except in cases of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances and any other cause beyond the control of the Seller, in which case the delivery will be automatically extended for the necessary days. You can at any time consult the average shipping times scheduled for delivery in your country.

5.5 As soon as the goods have been delivered to the courier we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

5.6 The courier will try to deliver the goods to the address you specify, without prior appointment. If the courier will not find you at the specified address, it will review the next business day and so on for a maximum of two steps in total, including the first. If also on the second step you will be unavailable, the Vendor may, at its sole discretion, decide whether to reappropriate the products shipped, cancel the sale and return the amount paid, or contact you to arrange any other delivery methods. It is understood that, if due to your unavailability the Seller will choose to cancel the sale, the Seller will not incur any responsibility for this choice.

6.1 We remind you that if you have purchased our product for a purpose unrelated to your professional activity, you have the right to withdraw from the contract governed by these General Conditions within fourteen days of receipt of the products, without any penalty and without any obligation to state reasons. The return of the products can be done through the procedure described in the Consumer Code, which we summarize below.

6.2 To use the procedure described in the Consumer Code, you must: (a) Communicate your intention to withdraw from the contract by written notice of your explicit wish to withdraw to The communication must be sent within fourteen working days from the date of receipt of the products (b) return - at your care and expense - the products no later than 14 working days from the date of receipt, sending them to Eleonora Azzolina Via Val di Scalve 36,20862 Arcore MB. The returned products must be in the same condition in which you received them, with labels and tags perfectly intact, and must be returned in their original packaging (the original packaging is an integral part of the product sold); (c) we will not be responsible for the reimbursement of products sent by you but not received by us due to loss, theft or damage not attributable to us. (d) we inform you that any shipping costs will be at your expense. (Deepen your rights by consulting the Code directly of consumption)

6.3 If all the conditions indicated above in art. 6.2 or 6.3 are met, you will receive an email confirming the acceptance of your return and we will credit you all the sums already paid, including the cost of the products within 14 days from the date on which we will have knowledge of the exercise, of the right of withdrawal.

6.4 Otherwise, or if one of the above conditions can not be said to be respected, we will inform you that the withdrawal has not been validly exercised. If the products have been returned in the meantime, you can ask for the return, taking charge of the shipping costs; otherwise, the returned products will remain with the Seller for 3 months, without you being entitled to repeat any amounts already paid. At the end of the three months, the Seller will be entitled to withhold the assets covered by the contract, as a penalty, for their failure to resume delivery on your part.

7.1 If any term or condition of this agreement is invalid, contrary to the law, ineffective or unenforceable under the applicable local law, such invalidity, illegality, ineffectiveness or non-accountability shall not affect the other valid, lawful, effective and valid terms and conditions operable, which will remain valid and applicable between the parties. In the event of invalidity, illegality, ineffectiveness or unenforceability, to achieve a result as close as possible to the original intent of the parties, the parties will negotiate in good faith on how to replace the defective provisions, or in case of failure to reach an agreement the decision it will be up to the judge competent by law.

7.2 The Seller reserves the right not to sell its products to certain buyers specifically selected, for example in the case of purchases made by subjects that the Seller, at its sole discretion, believes are abusing or have already abused the online sales service. This right is reserved by the Seller to prevent abuse and will not be exercised to discriminate sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions.

7.3 Use of the Site is governed by the terms of use available at the Legal Area link. The buyer declares to have read the Customer Service section and the instructions and rules contained therein.

8.1 The transaction object of the order proposal, once accepted by the Seller, constitutes a valid contract between the Seller and the buyer.

8.2 The Contract is governed by Italian Law and the Court competent to settle any dispute directly or indirectly connected with the interpretation, completion and execution of the Contract and the General Conditions will be the Court of Monza, unless the applicable law does not provide otherwise.

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